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Blue Mountain Brewery
Blue Mountain's First Batch

Blue Mountain Brewery

Blue Mountain Brewery opened its doors in October 2007, making it the third local craft brewery in the area. From lager to wheat, to pilsner to stout, Blue Mountain has it!  Blue Mountain also features lite fare in their tasting room, which was designed with the local wineries' tasting rooms in mind.  Plus, they are growing a portion of their own hops, with over 200 Cascade vines onsite. 
Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Having opened their doors only on November 21, Devils Backbone is already a beer lover's destination!  The incredible structure is a grren building, featuring reclaimed lumber and corrugated metal roofing; even the tables are handmade from reclaimed lumber.  The Backbone also has a full service restaurant with everything from pub fare to dinner entrees.  As part of its commitment to the environment, all the beef and poultry are from local farms, and spent grains from the brewery are sent to Black Eagle Farm, just down the road, as a part of the circle.  What people really want to know, though, is about the beer.  Devils Backbone will always have two lagers, a wheat, a stout, a dark beer and a belgian ale on its list, along with seasonal selections and guest beers.  The taste?  Incredible!
New at the Backbone: How about a Belgian Tripel Ale, an Imperial Stout or a Bock?
Bar at Devils Backbone Brewing Company
Bar at Devils Backbone Brewing Company
Starr Hill

"Starr Hill's mission is to share the gift of great beer with the world", says owner Mark Thompson.  His brewery, started on Main Street in Charlottesville, which is still site of the popular restaurant, now occupies a large part of the former ConAgra building in Crozet.  The brewery features a large, open area destined to be a tasting room, steel fermentaion tanks, malted barley silos, and of course, a Laverne and Shirley bottling line, which moves at a speed of 100 bottles per minute.  Mark's passion is evident throughout the tour, as he discusses every aspect of the brewing process, mixing in his own gems of local history, from the building itself to the surrounding community.  This Spring, Thompson also hopes to have his tasting deck open so that visitors can enjoy watching the sun depart over Jarmans Gap.  A wonderful way to spend a late afternoon.

Starr Hill Brewery
Starr Hill Restaurant
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